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Sunny Salsa for a Stormy Day

This morning dawned gray, dreary and rainy. It was very hard to get everyone out of bed. I don’t know how your families are coping with Spring Forward- but, ever since last weekend’s time change, we have been struggling. Who knew that one pesky little hour could be so important? Anyway, after rousing- or attempting […]

Well, hello there!

I realize it has been mighty quiet around The Dinner Dilemma lately, and I apologize for that. It is not because I haven’t had great food to write about, it’s just that I felt written out. I needed to take a little break. And so, I did. And, it was a good break; but now […]

Time to dust (the snow) off the grill…

I have not written much lately because I have been too busy being in a funk for the last few weeks. This winter has seemed interminable. It’s not the cold that I mind- it’s the consecutive days, turning into weeks, of gray, dull light that send me to the loony-bin. But, in the last week […]

A Dish for No-Man’s Land Weather

I have always felt that early October in the Northeast is a No-Man’s Land- at least when in comes to menu planning. The weather is unpredictable, but generally neither hot nor cold. The days can reach the mid 70’s and so diving into heavier dishes like chili or pot roast doesn’t feel quite right yet. […]

Dinner for someone else’s in-laws…Oh, the pressure!

Last weekend my friend Lori and I did our usual Sunday morning power walk. Almost every Sunday morning we walk six miles at a rapid clip and solve the world’s problems- or at least our world’s- and we feel so much better as a result. Anyway, last Sunday as she walked into my kitchen, Lori […]

Grilling delights

Everything about a peach- from its’ sunshine yellow color to its’ sweet and luscious scent embodies summer for me. If you couldn’t tell already, I adore a ripe peach. I love the moment when you bite into one and the juice drips down your chin leaving a delicious trail. And, I love how many wonderful […]

BBQ as homework

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always get to this part of the year and think, “golly, that went fast!” The school year is almost over, the pools are opening again, the weather is warm and everyone is itching to welcome summer with gusto. So, the […]

Calgon, Take Me Away

Today was a blur. It was chocker-block with appointments that moved me from one place to the other…to the city, then home, to other suburbs, to kids things, to doctors, grocery stores, PT people and vets. It was the kind of day in which you barely catch your breath, and, when you do, you realize […]

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Who says bigger is better? Not when it comes to hamburgers! Tonight we are having sliders for dinner. You know- the little, cute burgers on the tiny buns that everybody loves. Sliders are back in (were they ever out?) and boy, are they fun to make and eat. This is a great, easy way to […]

A Zebra Named Bob

I have been unable to get into a groove, unable to get anything done since returning from vacation. And I know the reason-or at least, most of it. You see, for the last 8-10 weeks, we have been renovating my study and our master bedroom. Over vacation the work finally finished. So, where’s the bad […]