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The Dreaded Phone Call…

Arrgh!! It’s 5:32 am and the phone rings. The caller ID confirms what the sinking in my stomach has already told me. It is the kid’s school calling. No school, or a delayed opening. Either way, more sleep for all. But wait, the recording on the other end of the line is saying something about […]

Dressing up an old favorite

As you may remember, my family loves “wool steak”-also known as lamb. We love it though I admittedly have been less than adventurous with its’ preparation. Due to the picky eaters in my household, I almost always prepare it butterflied and marinated in a mustard/wine sauce (see the archives) because I know that everyone will […]

Every dish needs a good PR person….

Family is staying with us.  The house is filled with the shrieks of 2 five-year-old girls, a three-year-old boy, and a ten-year-old boy…oh, and the ten-year-old has two friends over.  In short, the place is a madhouse.  “What’s for dinner,” my sister-in-law asks.  “Wool steak,” I answer.  She looks at me blankly. From across the […]