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Tonight we slummed. There was no gourmet happening here- but golly was it good! It was also an amazingly kid-friendly dinner. A complete homerun. So good that Julia begged to take it to school tomorrow for lunch. And, how sad was I that a desire to lose a few pounds kept me from diving in […]

BBQ as homework

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always get to this part of the year and think, “golly, that went fast!” The school year is almost over, the pools are opening again, the weather is warm and everyone is itching to welcome summer with gusto. So, the […]

Quieting the crowd…if only for a moment

I think that there are few things better than having dear friends over for dinner. The intimacy and immediacy of dining at home creates an experience that no restaurant in the world can replicate. Dining at home means my favorite people, in my favorite place with my favorite food and drink. What’s not to love? […]

Dem Bones

My Julia discovered a new culinary delight this past family vacation. She discovered the joy of barbeque ribs- or as she calls them “Saucy Bones.” We were out to dinner in Naples, Florida, at my parent’s club-of all weird places to discover barbeque-and it was Pub Night. Harrison ordered the ribs and Julia was intrigued, […]