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Personal Day in the kitchen

As a mom and a cook, I spend a lot of time dreaming up recipes that my entire family will eat. Three-quarters of us are very game eaters…it’s the last quarter that kills me every time. And, no matter how much one likes cooking, and you all know I do, the day in/day out grind […]

Well, hello there!

I realize it has been mighty quiet around The Dinner Dilemma lately, and I apologize for that. It is not because I haven’t had great food to write about, it’s just that I felt written out. I needed to take a little break. And so, I did. And, it was a good break; but now […]

The Return of the Edgy Veggie

The other day our amazing babysitter Miquele went to our green grocer with instructions to stock up the fridge with fabulous fruits and veggies. When she returned and all the loot was unpacked, I noticed that butternut squash was part of the bounty. “Huh…” I thought to myself, “that’s interesting.” And, then I did not […]

The good news is….I’m alive!

Hi all! Well, I made it through the first wave of Thanksgiving week guests and I am alive. Actually, far better than that…I’m even having fun. Truly. I swear. Pinky promise! And, in case you are concerned- or even vaguely interested- Georgie is doing incredibly well as the newest member of our three-ring circus. Each […]

Salad Stars

Today at lunch I had an amazing salad. And, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing quite as tasty. I adore a salad loaded with “stuff” so that every bite is a fabulous mixture of colors, textures and flavors. Yet, salads like this are illusive and rare and I think they shouldn’t be. […]

searching for gold

A few days ago I called our green grocer to place an order (he delivers-how good is that?!) Michael, the owner, answered the phone. Knowing how much I love fresh produce, he told me I must have the incredible shiitake mushrooms he had just found at market. “Okay, great,” I said. “Send me some.” Later […]

Dear Dinner Dilemma…

This morning I returned home from a zillion errands to find the following email waiting for me: Dear Dinner Dilemma: I have a little challenge for you- I made a baked risotto last night from the Food Network. It intrigued me… risotto that you don’t have to stir and is rated easy? I had to […]

Try, try, try again…

Let’s talk Cauliflower Gratin. What can you say about a vegetable that is merely a vehicle for cream and cheese? No much bad, I think. And, because Cauliflower Gratin carries the moniker of “vegetable”, it does no wrong, has no fouls, causes no heart attacks, and contains no calories. At least, that’s my position and […]

The Power of Greens

Last night Tad and I went out to dinner with friends to Barbuto- Jonathan Waxman’s wonderful restaurant in the Meat Packing District of NYC. As you faithful readers know, Jonathan and his wife Sally are dear friends. But, what you don’t know is that they were at the dinner table too! So, instead of ordering […]

Who knew?

Last Tuesday, before my cooking class arrived, I made a crudité and placed it on the kitchen table for my students/victims to nibble on while I cooked. I didn’t think anything of it. It was your basic crudité-carrots, celery, asparagus, yellow peppers and my favorite dip- a curry, yogurt, mayo mix. But, when the gang […]