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Post Meeting Mortem

I spent the better part of this evening in a hot, airless room listening to the School Board pretend not to have made decisions about budget cuts.  Silly me- I should have just watched the meeting on cable, and eaten a good dinner in the process!  But, I believe in making the suits have to […]

Abracadabra in the kitchen

Harry Houdini always had an escape route up his sleeve.  While his stunts appeared to showcase a supernatural  power to escape many locks in perilous conditions, a skeleton key and a double jointed body helped to guarantee him safe passage.  Why don’t we cooks take a little advice from Mr. Houdini and give ourselves a way out when […]

Girls you can count on

This morning started with an unexpected snow.  By that I mean: it was unexpected to me.  The meteorologists may have known it was coming but I did not!  And, before you could say “school drop off” there were several inches of cold white stuff on the ground.  The roads were slippery, and honestly, it was […]

Taking Stock

One of the easiest-and most useful-things to have in your kitchen is good chicken stock.  It could not be simpler to make, freezes well, and is the base for many recipes-especially stews and soups.  Homemade chicken stock really is different from what you buy in a can or even at a specialty market.  It is […]

A few words about salt

I am a late comer to the salt fan club. In fact, it is amazing that I am a member at all given my memories of my father’s high blood pressure diagnosis in the early 1970’s and the resulting dietary changes that my mother imposed on all of us.  The message from those days came through loud and clear: salt is […]