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Remembering to do what I love

Okay, so I survived Thanksgiving…but, as you may have noticed from the silence that has pervaded this blog, not quite the way I would have liked. And then, without nary a day of rest, I went into the gauntlet that is December. I wish that I were a tougher, stronger, more organized, and more type-A […]

Let’s Talk Turkey

If there is one dish that I think is impossible to cook, it is turkey. I mean, come on! Look at the size of the bird! No matter what you do, it’s trouble. There is no way to get the whole thing cooked and have it still be moist. But this bird, whether worthy or […]

The countdown begins…

We are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving and already my internal clock is counting down the minutes to the Big Meal. Thanksgiving dinner has so many moving parts and pieces that warrant (and demand) my complete attention: the turkey itself, the fabulous sides, the multiple desserts, and most importantly, the guests that I […]

Preparing for the Thundering Herds

I don’t know what happens at your house during Thanksgiving, but we are over-run. We always manage to have at least one, if not two, houses brimming with guests. The strange thing is, this happens without our even realizing it. The phone calls sort of dribble in: “Can we come?” “Are you around?” Oh, and […]

Boys will be boys

Wednesday night I had five men over for dinner. It was, of course, a business dinner for my husband. And, it was super easy to cook for. Because, truth be told, men are just big boys and they love the comfort food of their youth. And, if you can spice it up a bit- give […]

The silver lining meal

My daughter went to school today. Break out the champagne and celebrate! Sounds like a low bar, no? But heck, after the last 3 days, I’ll take it! You see, for the last few days Julia had a little pesky fever that simply would not go away. So, as every mother who has ever had […]

Try, try, try again…

Let’s talk Cauliflower Gratin. What can you say about a vegetable that is merely a vehicle for cream and cheese? No much bad, I think. And, because Cauliflower Gratin carries the moniker of “vegetable”, it does no wrong, has no fouls, causes no heart attacks, and contains no calories. At least, that’s my position and […]

All mashed up

There is nothing better than a serving of good mashed potatoes. You know the kind: all white and fluffy and loaded with a buttery, creamy richness that is irresistible. That said, there is nothing worse than a serving of bad mashed potatoes. Sadly, I am sure you also know them: all gloppy, starchy and thick […]

Ina’s got nothing on me…

Tuesday night found my kitchen looking something like a scene from a Barefoot Contessa tv episode. A roast chicken was in my oven, its’ aroma spilling out and scenting the whole house. The white chairs around the kitchen island were scattered, out of place and arranged so all were facing the oven and the stove. […]


Talk about Murphy’s Law, I knew as I typed my birthday post that I was tempting the health gods. No sooner did I post about having healthy children than Julia developed her first cold of the school year. Ugh! We did not even make it through a complete school week before a sick day! Drag-ola. […]