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Sunny Salsa for a Stormy Day

This morning dawned gray, dreary and rainy. It was very hard to get everyone out of bed. I don’t know how your families are coping with Spring Forward- but, ever since last weekend’s time change, we have been struggling. Who knew that one pesky little hour could be so important? Anyway, after rousing- or attempting […]

Go Green!

As those of you who read me regularly know, Harrison played 6th grade football this fall. Two things happened as a result: 1) He learned to love the game. 2) We all got into the act. And, the Jets, one of our local teams, (people, this is New York, why have just one of ANYTHING!!!) […]

Leftovers from heaven…

On Tuesday, with an overnight blizzard almost a certainty, I decided that I would cook a dinner that would provide leftovers for our snowy Wednesday. Roast chicken felt like the right warm and cozy meal for such a stormy night. Plus, at lunchtime the next day, there is nothing like chicken leftovers in your fridge! […]

Happy New Year! A happy and HEALTHY one to you and yours!

I hope you all had a wonderful and healthy holiday season. We had half of one. Oh, we had plenty of “wonderful”-great family time, fun outings, lots of friends, yummy dinners. We just missed the “healthy” part- bad head colds for Tad and the kids, and for me, a special treat… See, at about 11 […]

Cozy Food for Adults

The weather has turned blustery and fall is firmly upon us. This week it has been cold and rainy and the sky has been filled with turmoil. The grayness outside is a taste of the many months to come, no doubt. With weather like this, I think of cocoon food- warm and cozy and hopefully […]

Dinner for someone else’s in-laws…Oh, the pressure!

Last weekend my friend Lori and I did our usual Sunday morning power walk. Almost every Sunday morning we walk six miles at a rapid clip and solve the world’s problems- or at least our world’s- and we feel so much better as a result. Anyway, last Sunday as she walked into my kitchen, Lori […]

Of Kindergarten picnics and such…

Today was the kindergarten class picnic. My sweet young baby girl is, in a mere few days, a rising 1st grader. Wow! Where does the time go?! Anyway, it was a gorgeous day- and I was thrilled because we were hosting the bash and the last thing I wanted was 19 kids, 19 moms and […]

Sweating it out, lightly

What a hot and steamy weekend we had here in New York! Wow! It felt more like Atlanta in August than New York City in June! It was too thick and muggy to even spend the evenings on our porch with the ceiling fan roaring. So, it goes without saying that I was thrilled to […]

BBQ as homework

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always get to this part of the year and think, “golly, that went fast!” The school year is almost over, the pools are opening again, the weather is warm and everyone is itching to welcome summer with gusto. So, the […]

Spring (dis)Comfort

I have a confession to make…I really find Spring to be a challenging season. I know, I know- what I am saying is sacrilege; but, hear me out. First of all, just so we are clear, I truly do appreciate the respite from winter that comes with Spring. We all need it. And, I admit […]