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Snow Day!

In case you hadn’t heard, the East Coast got pounded with snow last night. The snow in New York began about 7 pm with 8”-12” forecast by morning for the area. At dinner last night, the kids were squirrelly and desperate for “the call” to come- the one that would free them from school today. […]

Popping up!

I am sure that I am tempting the Fates by even writing this, but I think my December madness is finally under control. The Christmas cards are all sent. The presents are bought and wrapped. The baked goods-including special sugar cookies for Santa- are made and in the freezer. The gifts for neighbors are delivered. […]

The elves are here! The elves are here!

Rejoice! The elves have arrived. The elves, they are in residence! Each night they are prowling our house, looking for mischief. For those of you who don’t know, we have four elves- as in Santa’s helpers. Santa sends them to us (or should I say, loans them to us) a few weeks before Christmas just […]

With apologies to those with peanut allergies…

My friend Annie has a sense of humor that tickles and delights me with its’ wickedness. She can make me laugh when almost no one else can by finding the dark humor present in any silver lining. She is also a true girlfriend: she knows how to bitch with the best of them; but can […]

Ghosts and goblins, mummies and monsters! Oh my!

Halloween is upon us and the kids-both big and small- are over the moon with excitement. Where I live is ground zero for Halloween fun. Every house is decorated with cobwebs, ghosts, skeletons and ghouls; fabulously carved jack-o-lanterns glow on every stoop; and the whole town has a Mayberry meets Tim Burton feel. It is […]

“Now, THAT’S blog worthy…”

As I mentioned earlier this week, I recently discovered that we had a dangerously low supply of cookies in our freezer. I have been in a baking frenzy to fill our coffers ever since. And, because of all you faithful readers, I have branched out and tried new cookie recipes. Today I took a crack […]

Hey, Mrs. Smith…

Yesterday a pack of 6th grade boys ran through my yard and kitchen like a bunch of puppies. Their laughter, whoops and yells echoed through the neighborhood and our house as they romped and frolicked inside and out with footballs, lacrosse sticks, nerf guns and video games. Sound like a crazy day? Nope, it was […]

It’s time for Coffey

Hi gang- as you may know, tomorrow is Primary Day in New York State and I have a dear friend, Sean Coffey, who is running for Attorney General. Sean is brilliant, talented, reasonable and a former naval officer who has no ties to Albany…quite a plus these days! And the piece-de-resistance is that his wife […]

Eeking out just a bit more summer

Just like that, the end of summer is upon us…in fact, it is here. Labor Day has but a few hours left. But, while summer is officially over and we all must go back to the real world first thing in the morning, the fruits that define late summer still have a few weeks of […]

Out of the Mouths of Babes

When Julia was about a year old she discovered the joys of fresh blueberries. Ever observant, Julia called them “boo bawls” as they rolled back and forth on her highchair tray. Even at 1 year old, my girl nailed it- blueberries are blue and they are ball shaped and they were (and I think are) […]