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Suit on up and come play Bridge!

Today was a momentous day. Today I could feel the earth shifting. Today, over lunch (no less!), I started Bridge lessons. Anyone who does not understand the gravity of those words probably never had a mother in a Bridge group. I can recall my mom’s 1970 era bridge group luncheons with crystal clarity. If I […]

It’s time for Coffey

Hi gang- as you may know, tomorrow is Primary Day in New York State and I have a dear friend, Sean Coffey, who is running for Attorney General. Sean is brilliant, talented, reasonable and a former naval officer who has no ties to Albany…quite a plus these days! And the piece-de-resistance is that his wife […]

Out of the Mouths of Babes

When Julia was about a year old she discovered the joys of fresh blueberries. Ever observant, Julia called them “boo bawls” as they rolled back and forth on her highchair tray. Even at 1 year old, my girl nailed it- blueberries are blue and they are ball shaped and they were (and I think are) […]

Dem Bones

My Julia discovered a new culinary delight this past family vacation. She discovered the joy of barbeque ribs- or as she calls them “Saucy Bones.” We were out to dinner in Naples, Florida, at my parent’s club-of all weird places to discover barbeque-and it was Pub Night. Harrison ordered the ribs and Julia was intrigued, […]

Post Meeting Mortem

I spent the better part of this evening in a hot, airless room listening to the School Board pretend not to have made decisions about budget cuts.  Silly me- I should have just watched the meeting on cable, and eaten a good dinner in the process!  But, I believe in making the suits have to […]

Don’t count your chickens…

Today I returned from a series of dull February errands to find three dozen of the most beautiful and fresh free-range eggs sitting on my counter.  The eggs, light blue and speckled gems, as well as gorgeous brown ones, come from Sugar Hill Farm in Pine Plains, New York.  The blue and speckled eggs are […]