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Bowl of Sunshine

I have had a very serious case of Winter Fatigue. It came on suddenly- about a week ago and boy, has it been strong. I have felt as gray as the skies overhead and my “get-up-and-go” and the bounce in my step have all gotten up and gone to warmer- I hope- climates. Honestly, the […]

Happy New Year! A happy and HEALTHY one to you and yours!

I hope you all had a wonderful and healthy holiday season. We had half of one. Oh, we had plenty of “wonderful”-great family time, fun outings, lots of friends, yummy dinners. We just missed the “healthy” part- bad head colds for Tad and the kids, and for me, a special treat… See, at about 11 […]

Planning for the oncoming wreck…

This is the time of year that cooks everywhere look to the dairy aisle for help and inspiration because there is nothing like fat to make something taste fabulous. As the French figured out long ago, if you add enough butter and cream to almost anything, it tastes better. I am by nature a lighter […]

Preparing for the Thundering Herds

I don’t know what happens at your house during Thanksgiving, but we are over-run. We always manage to have at least one, if not two, houses brimming with guests. The strange thing is, this happens without our even realizing it. The phone calls sort of dribble in: “Can we come?” “Are you around?” Oh, and […]


Talk about Murphy’s Law, I knew as I typed my birthday post that I was tempting the health gods. No sooner did I post about having healthy children than Julia developed her first cold of the school year. Ugh! We did not even make it through a complete school week before a sick day! Drag-ola. […]

The Circle of Soup

Corn Chowder was never on the top of my “must have” food list. But, it was on the top of my late Dad’s. He loved Corn Chowder, but he did not have a particularly discriminating palate. The stuff he ate and loved while I was growing up was thick, bland and full of cream- a […]

Crazy Heat

Okay- last week was hot- but this is ridiculous! The temperature has been triple digits (or just shy) for several days now. The plants are all drooping, the lawn is turning brown from the unrelenting sun and no one feels like moving outside. Even the pool feels warm. I keep reminding myself that back in […]

Salad Soup

It is hot, humid and thick here in the New York region. Just to be clear, I am not talking sorta hot- I am talking Alabama in August hot- 90 plus degrees with humidity to match! And, the scary thing is that school isn’t finished yet! For me, given the hot Spring we have had, […]

Spring (dis)Comfort

I have a confession to make…I really find Spring to be a challenging season. I know, I know- what I am saying is sacrilege; but, hear me out. First of all, just so we are clear, I truly do appreciate the respite from winter that comes with Spring. We all need it. And, I admit […]

March means always being a little bit cold…

When I was a teenager I went to boarding school at Milton Academy, located just outside of Boston.  Once the calendar page turned to March, the spring season of sports began.  Lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets, and running sneakers were all dusted off after a long winter in the closet.  Spring Break was only 2 weeks […]