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It’s good to be home

I’m back! Sorry to take so long to get back to business, but I needed a vacation from my vacation. We had a wonderful 10 days away and every one of us got a much needed dose of vitamin D as well as long, lazy days with no agenda. Though, come to think of it, […]

Viva la France!

Yesterday Spring was finally and truly here.  She pushed through Winter’s heavy door with a resounding “Here I come, Baby!”  And, was I ever glad to see her!   A cacophony of singing birds greeted me when I walked outside; the temperature rose into the lower 70s; in my backyard, purple crocus saluted the sun, all […]

The Makings of a Junkie

I am an unabashed news junkie.  Actually, I might even be worse than that-I am a news groupie of sorts.  I have my favorite news reporters, journalists and anchor people and I have been known to swoon when I see or meet them.  I once was at a party with the late Peter Jennings and […]

Edgy Veggies Continued

The other day the green grocer had beautiful baby artichokes.  They were small, fabulously green and very fresh looking.  Now, if you are like me, you look at the beautiful baby artichokes and think: “They are so pretty, but what on earth will I ever do with them?”  And then you buy lettuce.  But remember, I […]

Every dish needs a good PR person….

Family is staying with us.  The house is filled with the shrieks of 2 five-year-old girls, a three-year-old boy, and a ten-year-old boy…oh, and the ten-year-old has two friends over.  In short, the place is a madhouse.  “What’s for dinner,” my sister-in-law asks.  “Wool steak,” I answer.  She looks at me blankly. From across the […]

What would you do?

 It snowed yesterday- 5 plus inches.  It flurried today. My daughter has had a fever for 3 long days.  Our backyard has more snow in it than the mountains outside of Vancouver; perhaps I ought to petition for the Winter Games in 2018?   What do ya think?  So, what to do for dinner?  Grill, of […]

Take Heart

Okay- what have you got?  You have less than 24 hours to come up with a big dinner.  Come on!  It’s almost Valentine’s Day-and it falls on the Sunday of a long weekend.  Bummer.  It’s probably not the night for a big dinner out.  If you were lucky, you got the big dinner out tonight…if […]

Foul Weather Gear

I have always loved the taste of grilled meat, chicken and fish.  But, I confess that I did not eat them very much until I had my own kitchen at 21.  Growing up, my father was always put in charge of the grill.  After all, it was a man’s job…all that fire and heat and […]