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Talk about Murphy’s Law, I knew as I typed my birthday post that I was tempting the health gods. No sooner did I post about having healthy children than Julia developed her first cold of the school year. Ugh! We did not even make it through a complete school week before a sick day! Drag-ola. […]

In search of a good veggie PR person…

As I have written here before, I think cabbage gets a bad rap. In fact, if cabbage were a personality I would tell it to hire a new pr team-preferably one that specializes in crisis management. You see, when you mention cabbage to most people their eyes glaze over and you know their thoughts are […]

Crazy for Cauliflower

I have been in a cauliflower frenzy lately and Jonathan Waxman (yes, the Jonathan Waxman) is to blame. While vacationing in France with us, he made the most delicious gratin of cauliflower and onions. It was heavenly and sinful but, it was vacation so all that French cream, cheese and butter didn’t count, did it? […]

Edgy Veggies, Summer Style

Have you ever had your husband say to you: “I can’t wait until you meet my old friend Snogs and his wife Mrs. Snogs! Snogs is fantastic and I am sure that Mrs. Snogs is as well.” Usually, they are. But every now and again, they aren’t. And those are the ones you dread: the […]

Of Kindergarten picnics and such…

Today was the kindergarten class picnic. My sweet young baby girl is, in a mere few days, a rising 1st grader. Wow! Where does the time go?! Anyway, it was a gorgeous day- and I was thrilled because we were hosting the bash and the last thing I wanted was 19 kids, 19 moms and […]

BBQ as homework

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always get to this part of the year and think, “golly, that went fast!” The school year is almost over, the pools are opening again, the weather is warm and everyone is itching to welcome summer with gusto. So, the […]

Alot more than ladies that lunch…

For the last two years Harrison has gone to a school that he did not choose to go to. He has trudged off dutifully every morning at 7:30 to a waiting school bus for a 40-minute ride to a school that Tad and I chose for him. In his new school, he has had fabulous […]

A Childhood Favorite Passed On

When I was a child it was rare to have me be excited by a vegetable on my dinner plate. Vegetables were the enemy-the part of dinner you had to get through in order to get to dessert, or at least leave the table. From where I sat at the kitchen table, there was nothing […]

A Time Capsule Worth Opening

Last Thursday was a day of incredible good fortune. My phone rang three times (okay, it rang a lot more than that, but work with me here!) and three times a family member was on the other end asking if they could come stay for a night or two this week. I realize that there […]

In defense of cabbage

I love cabbage. I know that this is not a fashionable thing to say and I am unapologetic. I love cabbage and I am particularly fond of it raw. To me, raw cabbage embodies the essence of roughage. Its’ crunch and tang are perfection. But, just any dish with raw cabbage does not work for […]