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Learning from The Master

I learned to entertain at home from a master: my mom. Years before there was Martha Stewart, Ina Garten or The Food Network, there was Patsy Fitzgibbons creating magical meals served at beautiful tables. And, I was lucky enough to have a ringside seat. It was Mom who taught me that advance planning is key; […]

Cozy Food for Adults

The weather has turned blustery and fall is firmly upon us. This week it has been cold and rainy and the sky has been filled with turmoil. The grayness outside is a taste of the many months to come, no doubt. With weather like this, I think of cocoon food- warm and cozy and hopefully […]

The Power of Greens

Last night Tad and I went out to dinner with friends to Barbuto- Jonathan Waxman’s wonderful restaurant in the Meat Packing District of NYC. As you faithful readers know, Jonathan and his wife Sally are dear friends. But, what you don’t know is that they were at the dinner table too! So, instead of ordering […]

Shaking up the brown bag equation

Tomorrow is only October 1st and the monotony of making school lunches is already wearing on Moms everywhere. Many, like me, find making a brown bag lunch every school day to be it’s own special form of torture. The morning race and juggle- waking kids, feeding kids, dressing kids, gulping caffeine-is exhausting enough on its’ […]


Tonight we slummed. There was no gourmet happening here- but golly was it good! It was also an amazingly kid-friendly dinner. A complete homerun. So good that Julia begged to take it to school tomorrow for lunch. And, how sad was I that a desire to lose a few pounds kept me from diving in […]

Who knew?

Last Tuesday, before my cooking class arrived, I made a crudité and placed it on the kitchen table for my students/victims to nibble on while I cooked. I didn’t think anything of it. It was your basic crudité-carrots, celery, asparagus, yellow peppers and my favorite dip- a curry, yogurt, mayo mix. But, when the gang […]

Dinner for someone else’s in-laws…Oh, the pressure!

Last weekend my friend Lori and I did our usual Sunday morning power walk. Almost every Sunday morning we walk six miles at a rapid clip and solve the world’s problems- or at least our world’s- and we feel so much better as a result. Anyway, last Sunday as she walked into my kitchen, Lori […]

Grilling delights

Everything about a peach- from its’ sunshine yellow color to its’ sweet and luscious scent embodies summer for me. If you couldn’t tell already, I adore a ripe peach. I love the moment when you bite into one and the juice drips down your chin leaving a delicious trail. And, I love how many wonderful […]

Crazy Heat

Okay- last week was hot- but this is ridiculous! The temperature has been triple digits (or just shy) for several days now. The plants are all drooping, the lawn is turning brown from the unrelenting sun and no one feels like moving outside. Even the pool feels warm. I keep reminding myself that back in […]

Edgy Veggies, Summer Style

Have you ever had your husband say to you: “I can’t wait until you meet my old friend Snogs and his wife Mrs. Snogs! Snogs is fantastic and I am sure that Mrs. Snogs is as well.” Usually, they are. But every now and again, they aren’t. And those are the ones you dread: the […]