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If it’s Wednesday…

Wednesdays are my least favorite day of the week. My schedule is truly nuts and the worst part is: I did it to myself. On Wednesdays I drop Harrison at Middle School at 7:30am and then Julia at the Elementary School at 8:30. Good so far, right? I can hear you thinking, “she’s lost the […]

A Dish for No-Man’s Land Weather

I have always felt that early October in the Northeast is a No-Man’s Land- at least when in comes to menu planning. The weather is unpredictable, but generally neither hot nor cold. The days can reach the mid 70’s and so diving into heavier dishes like chili or pot roast doesn’t feel quite right yet. […]

The Power of Greens

Last night Tad and I went out to dinner with friends to Barbuto- Jonathan Waxman’s wonderful restaurant in the Meat Packing District of NYC. As you faithful readers know, Jonathan and his wife Sally are dear friends. But, what you don’t know is that they were at the dinner table too! So, instead of ordering […]

Who knew?

Last Tuesday, before my cooking class arrived, I made a crudité and placed it on the kitchen table for my students/victims to nibble on while I cooked. I didn’t think anything of it. It was your basic crudité-carrots, celery, asparagus, yellow peppers and my favorite dip- a curry, yogurt, mayo mix. But, when the gang […]


Talk about Murphy’s Law, I knew as I typed my birthday post that I was tempting the health gods. No sooner did I post about having healthy children than Julia developed her first cold of the school year. Ugh! We did not even make it through a complete school week before a sick day! Drag-ola. […]

In search of a good veggie PR person…

As I have written here before, I think cabbage gets a bad rap. In fact, if cabbage were a personality I would tell it to hire a new pr team-preferably one that specializes in crisis management. You see, when you mention cabbage to most people their eyes glaze over and you know their thoughts are […]

All about writing letters and aging well

Okay gang- huge apologies. I have been a “slacker blogger” recently- and for that I am sorry. But, it is summertime and there are just too many other things to do! And, I admit, I have been less chatty here because I have to save every iota of wittiness and humor for my daily letter […]

Crazy Heat

Okay- last week was hot- but this is ridiculous! The temperature has been triple digits (or just shy) for several days now. The plants are all drooping, the lawn is turning brown from the unrelenting sun and no one feels like moving outside. Even the pool feels warm. I keep reminding myself that back in […]

Salad Soup

It is hot, humid and thick here in the New York region. Just to be clear, I am not talking sorta hot- I am talking Alabama in August hot- 90 plus degrees with humidity to match! And, the scary thing is that school isn’t finished yet! For me, given the hot Spring we have had, […]

Of Kindergarten picnics and such…

Today was the kindergarten class picnic. My sweet young baby girl is, in a mere few days, a rising 1st grader. Wow! Where does the time go?! Anyway, it was a gorgeous day- and I was thrilled because we were hosting the bash and the last thing I wanted was 19 kids, 19 moms and […]