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The healing power of chocolate

It is still February- if only for 3 more days-and it is snowing again here.  Snowing a lot- and it’s gross, heavy, wet snow.  We are supposed to get more snow than anyone needs.  And honestly, nobody needs anything-except maybe a beach.   At the school early dismissal-I told you, it is snowing a lot- everyone […]

Half Baked

I have the Monday Blues- and boy, are they strong.  I have had a great weekend-and now it is over.  I am back to alarm clocks ringing way too early and the fine art of coaxing children to do things they do not wish to do.  Only today, that fine art seems to have morphed […]

Every dish needs a good PR person….

Family is staying with us.  The house is filled with the shrieks of 2 five-year-old girls, a three-year-old boy, and a ten-year-old boy…oh, and the ten-year-old has two friends over.  In short, the place is a madhouse.  “What’s for dinner,” my sister-in-law asks.  “Wool steak,” I answer.  She looks at me blankly. From across the […]

Valentine’s Day Massacre

First of all, an apology:  I am sorry I could not post yesterday.  It has taken me 24 hours to recover….  It had all started so well.  We woke up.  Everyone was in a great mood.  Valentine’s gifts were exchanged.  We had wonderful, fresh, fluffy waffles for breakfast.  My 5-year-old was excited to have her […]

Don’t count your chickens…

Today I returned from a series of dull February errands to find three dozen of the most beautiful and fresh free-range eggs sitting on my counter.  The eggs, light blue and speckled gems, as well as gorgeous brown ones, come from Sugar Hill Farm in Pine Plains, New York.  The blue and speckled eggs are […]

Cozy Food

A blizzard is raging outside; 7” or so of snow are already on the ground with more to come.  There is a snow day.   The kids are home and they have had their fill of sledding, snowball fights and snowmen.  Hot cocoa has been the drink of the day.  And now, as darkness falls, there […]

The Queen of Snacks

It’s just 2 weeks out of the school year;  but, those weeks-marked in red on my calendar- loom like a visit to an oral surgeon who doesn’t believe in Novocaine.  What could possibly be that bad?  Snack week- that’s what. When you are the Queen of Snacks, there is no royal kingdom, bejeweled crown, or […]

Embrace the positive

The temperature has not been above 30 degrees for some time.  The sky is steel-gray; the wind is blowing fiercely; snow is on the ground and the air smells like more is on the way.  Ugh!  Just shoot me now.  This is the beginning of February and I hate it!  Give me April, May, June, […]

Friday Night Lights

I don’t know about you, but in our house, Friday nights are all about letting our hair down.  To a one, we are spent from a long week of work, school, commitments, and activity and we are ready to tuck in and relax.  Friday night’s dinner needs to comfort and support, but not overwhelm.  Everybody […]

Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy For me, going to Craig and Amy’s house for an overnight is like going home with none of the baggage.  There is always something wonderful in the oven.  There is always someone wonderful to talk to.  There is always a snarky comment or two to keep you honest and laughing.  There are […]