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Gourmet Jiffy Pop

It has been non-stop fun here this week. My sister and her kids have been visiting and boy has it been a wonderful way to kick off the summer. The children have raced around the neighborhood after dinner each night playing Manhunt and Tag, the shreaks of their laughter punctuating the calm twilight hour. They […]

Cozy food for a wet summer day

Today the heavens opened up and the wind blew. Starting at about Noon, an umbrella or a slicker was a necessity. It was cold and damp and not very summery at all. Honestly, it was the perfect evening for soup- but there wasn’t time. By the time the weather did its’ thing, it was already […]

Sweating it out, lightly

What a hot and steamy weekend we had here in New York! Wow! It felt more like Atlanta in August than New York City in June! It was too thick and muggy to even spend the evenings on our porch with the ceiling fan roaring. So, it goes without saying that I was thrilled to […]

Meat on its’ bones…

What a beautiful weekend we have had here in the New York area! And, our weekend was even better because Debby Leggat is in town and boy, does a visit from Debby Dearest make this whole household happy. “Who is this wonder visitor?” you ask. Debby is a fabulous “almost-cousin” from Massachusetts. I can hear […]

A few words about Florida

(Spoiler alert- if you are a Florida lover and think the state can do no wrong…stop reading now.) We just returned from ten days in Florida and I have to ask, what is the deal with the food down there?!. I must note that we were nowhere near Miami, or Orlando-both of which, when it […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Hurray for Dean & Deluca!

Today I had to go into the city to buy Chinese New Year paraphernalia for Julia’s kindergarten class.  I know, I know, Chinese New Year was ages ago…but the school vacation and her teacher’s maternity leave got in the way.  So, we are just now getting around to Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Better late than […]

Solo Sole

I was getting my daily fix reading the NY Post the other day and Page Six (the gossip column for all those of you who aren’t addicted lucky enough to get the Post) reported that Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Sumner Redstone dined together in LA.  They all had the sole.  My first thought was, “what […]

What would you do?

 It snowed yesterday- 5 plus inches.  It flurried today. My daughter has had a fever for 3 long days.  Our backyard has more snow in it than the mountains outside of Vancouver; perhaps I ought to petition for the Winter Games in 2018?   What do ya think?  So, what to do for dinner?  Grill, of […]

Take Heart

Okay- what have you got?  You have less than 24 hours to come up with a big dinner.  Come on!  It’s almost Valentine’s Day-and it falls on the Sunday of a long weekend.  Bummer.  It’s probably not the night for a big dinner out.  If you were lucky, you got the big dinner out tonight…if […]

Foul Weather Gear

I have always loved the taste of grilled meat, chicken and fish.  But, I confess that I did not eat them very much until I had my own kitchen at 21.  Growing up, my father was always put in charge of the grill.  After all, it was a man’s job…all that fire and heat and […]