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A new obsession

I have a new food obsession. And, I cannot take credit for the creation of this one. This delicacy came courtesy of Dobbs & Bishop- my local cheese shop. My new obsession is fresh ricotta with olive oil, basil and red pepper flakes mixed in. Take my word for it- it is amazing and very versatile. It […]

Food the whole family can love….

Every once in a while I come across a great recipe in a cooking magazine-one that is easy to make and looks like something that everyone-even my picky Harrison-will eat. As I am sure you know, passing the “children will eat test” is a high bar and when a recipe succeeds, I think I hear […]


You have to love it when you find a good, really easy, and really quick recipe to add to your repertoire. It happens so infrequently that it is practically like winning the lottery-at least to me. Tonight I won the Powerball! My day was crazy- I zoomed from one place to the next. Around 4 […]

Viva la France!

Yesterday Spring was finally and truly here.  She pushed through Winter’s heavy door with a resounding “Here I come, Baby!”  And, was I ever glad to see her!   A cacophony of singing birds greeted me when I walked outside; the temperature rose into the lower 70s; in my backyard, purple crocus saluted the sun, all […]

The breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions

I am a weirdo when it comes to breakfast.  While others love eggs, toast, jam and cereal, I prefer foods you normally see at dinnertime.  Some of my favorite morning foods are the remains of last night’s dinner: leftover steak, grilled chicken, fabulous stinky blue cheese on thickly sliced salty toast- totally weird morning food.  […]

Cozy Food

A blizzard is raging outside; 7” or so of snow are already on the ground with more to come.  There is a snow day.   The kids are home and they have had their fill of sledding, snowball fights and snowmen.  Hot cocoa has been the drink of the day.  And now, as darkness falls, there […]

Friday Night Lights

I don’t know about you, but in our house, Friday nights are all about letting our hair down.  To a one, we are spent from a long week of work, school, commitments, and activity and we are ready to tuck in and relax.  Friday night’s dinner needs to comfort and support, but not overwhelm.  Everybody […]

Golden Oldies

Some things are just too good to be replaced.  Do you remember the nursery rhyme: “make new friends and keep the old; one is silver and the other’s gold!”?  That rhyme danced through my head during a recent dinner.  We were at a dear friend’s birthday party and the main dish was Chicken Marbella.  Chicken Marbella hails from Shiela Lukins and Julie Rosso’s brilliant Silver […]

Food for your soul and your sinus

My husband has a business dinner tonight.  It is only February 3 in the Northeast, where I live.  It snowed this morning; but, we still had to get up early and go to school.  I can feel a cold brewing in the deep recesses of my brain.  Any one of these facts would be reason enough […]

Taking Stock

One of the easiest-and most useful-things to have in your kitchen is good chicken stock.  It could not be simpler to make, freezes well, and is the base for many recipes-especially stews and soups.  Homemade chicken stock really is different from what you buy in a can or even at a specialty market.  It is […]