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Red, White and Blue

This has been a monumental week for our family. We sent Harrison to sleep away camp for the first time last Wednesday. He’ll be gone for a month and he is, I am sure, having a blast. Me, well, I would be lying to say that I did not miss him desperately! So, this year […]

How to have it all: sun and fun and a yummy homemade dessert

Is it Monday already? Oops! It’s Tuesday! How did that happen-oh yeah, the spectacular Memorial Day weekend we just had, that’s how. And, in my little corner of the world, this past three-day weekend was truly spectacular, both in terms of weather and events. It was too fun by half and boy, as my alarm […]


I am sorry to have been so absent this week; but, after two straight weeks of houseguests, I had a to-do list a mile long. Not to mention the school commitments. What is it about the end of the school year? They just KILL you with “must attends”. There are plays and recitals and concerts […]

In the mix…

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there! I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. After a rocky start, mine was lovely… Friday night Harrison had 3 boys for a sleepover. And, Friday night I had a mission: I was determined to get these four boys to sleep at a […]

Dem Bones

My Julia discovered a new culinary delight this past family vacation. She discovered the joy of barbeque ribs- or as she calls them “Saucy Bones.” We were out to dinner in Naples, Florida, at my parent’s club-of all weird places to discover barbeque-and it was Pub Night. Harrison ordered the ribs and Julia was intrigued, […]

Pennies from Heaven

Every once and a while my husband will come home with a business associate in tow for drinks and/or dinner.  Inevitably these surprise guests arrive on my busiest days- you know the ones with carpools in competing directions, doctor appointments, long scheduled meetings, and absolutely no time for kitchen magic.  Yet, when an unsuspecting guest […]

Cloud Nine

Growing up we had a favorite dessert…a light and moist angel food cake with a whipped cream based butterscotch frosting.  The cake was then topped with chopped up Callard & Bowser’s butterscotch.  It was heaven.  Unfortunately for us, Evan’s butterscotch- the butterscotch sauce we used-went out of business in the 1980’s.  We tried other sauces- but the […]

The Big Bowl

My father’s mother, my Gram, was a strong and amazing woman; or so the stories, along with my vague early childhood memories, would have you believe.  And, actually, the facts support both the memories and the stories.   My grandmother was a devoted Irish Catholic from the South Shore of Boston in a time when the […]

The Queen of Snacks

It’s just 2 weeks out of the school year;  but, those weeks-marked in red on my calendar- loom like a visit to an oral surgeon who doesn’t believe in Novocaine.  What could possibly be that bad?  Snack week- that’s what. When you are the Queen of Snacks, there is no royal kingdom, bejeweled crown, or […]

Abracadabra in the kitchen

Harry Houdini always had an escape route up his sleeve.  While his stunts appeared to showcase a supernatural  power to escape many locks in perilous conditions, a skeleton key and a double jointed body helped to guarantee him safe passage.  Why don’t we cooks take a little advice from Mr. Houdini and give ourselves a way out when […]