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Just say cheese!

Yowsa! Thursday night was such fun! The gang at Dobbs & Bishop, our local cheese shop, invited me in to teach a class called “Beyond Brie and the Cheese Plate- Easy Interesting Hors D’oeuvres with Cheese” and I have to say, it was a blast. A nice crowd of nine or so foodies ponied up […]

Crustacean cravings

I am in love. We have a new market nearby and it is 90,000 square feet of heaven. Fairway (for all you NYers, former NYers or wannabe NYers) just opened a mammoth store on the edge of Pelham Manor. It is truly the most incredible grocery I have ever seen. It has every possible gourmet […]

A new obsession

I have a new food obsession. And, I cannot take credit for the creation of this one. This delicacy came courtesy of Dobbs & Bishop- my local cheese shop. My new obsession is fresh ricotta with olive oil, basil and red pepper flakes mixed in. Take my word for it- it is amazing and very versatile. It […]

Make It Snappy!

For years the town that I live in was a foodie wasteland. You could practically see old, yellowed and crumpled Dining sections of the New York Times blowing down Main Street. There was nothing, nada, zippo when it came to good food. If you wanted anything that was better than what the A&P carried, a […]

Pennies from Heaven

Every once and a while my husband will come home with a business associate in tow for drinks and/or dinner.  Inevitably these surprise guests arrive on my busiest days- you know the ones with carpools in competing directions, doctor appointments, long scheduled meetings, and absolutely no time for kitchen magic.  Yet, when an unsuspecting guest […]

March means always being a little bit cold…

When I was a teenager I went to boarding school at Milton Academy, located just outside of Boston.  Once the calendar page turned to March, the spring season of sports began.  Lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets, and running sneakers were all dusted off after a long winter in the closet.  Spring Break was only 2 weeks […]


Today was one of those days that you wish you had slept through.  Nothing went as it was supposed to.  I moved two steps forward, only to be directed 4 spaces back.  There was no traction.  Nothing happened.  I tried to go on a serious power walk with my dog only to have my contractors-who have never […]

A Tribute To My Girl

This evening my amazing daughter walked up the stairs and greeted me with “Hello, my daaarrrling.”  You could almost see the cigarette holder and the slinky, silvery, long dress as she said it.  It was vintage 1940’s starlet material-straight out of Rita Hayworth’s playbook.  Not bad for a five-year-old!  I am the very lucky Mom […]