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Happy New Year! A happy and HEALTHY one to you and yours!

I hope you all had a wonderful and healthy holiday season. We had half of one. Oh, we had plenty of “wonderful”-great family time, fun outings, lots of friends, yummy dinners. We just missed the “healthy” part- bad head colds for Tad and the kids, and for me, a special treat… See, at about 11 […]

Popping up!

I am sure that I am tempting the Fates by even writing this, but I think my December madness is finally under control. The Christmas cards are all sent. The presents are bought and wrapped. The baked goods-including special sugar cookies for Santa- are made and in the freezer. The gifts for neighbors are delivered. […]

Juggle bells, Juggle bells, Juggle all the way!

It’s late December-four days before Christmas (how did that happen, by the way?)- I am writing this as I sit, my head covered in goo, at my magnificent colorist’s in the City. The blow dryers and ringing phones of the salon seem blissfully peaceful to me- because, unlike at home, none of them require me! […]

The elves are here! The elves are here!

Rejoice! The elves have arrived. The elves, they are in residence! Each night they are prowling our house, looking for mischief. For those of you who don’t know, we have four elves- as in Santa’s helpers. Santa sends them to us (or should I say, loans them to us) a few weeks before Christmas just […]

Remembering to do what I love

Okay, so I survived Thanksgiving…but, as you may have noticed from the silence that has pervaded this blog, not quite the way I would have liked. And then, without nary a day of rest, I went into the gauntlet that is December. I wish that I were a tougher, stronger, more organized, and more type-A […]

I’m alive…

Hi all! I am alive. I am breathing. But boy, was it ever close. The Thanksgiving festivities coupled with multiple houseguests for 10 straight days took their toll. The last guests departed last Monday and it took me 3 good days to stop drooling and to speak again. Then there was clean up. Ten days […]

A Thanksgiving Blessing

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. In honor of the day, I wanted to share with you my favorite grace. This poem is attributed to the early Pilgrims, and while I don’t know who wrote it, I am so glad they did. It sums up for me just exactly what this day is about- and […]

The good news is….I’m alive!

Hi all! Well, I made it through the first wave of Thanksgiving week guests and I am alive. Actually, far better than that…I’m even having fun. Truly. I swear. Pinky promise! And, in case you are concerned- or even vaguely interested- Georgie is doing incredibly well as the newest member of our three-ring circus. Each […]

Meet Georgie

Have you ever had the feeling that you are living a middle school word problem? I never have until today, when it occurred to me that my week is, in fact, a word problem. Just listen… Last night I hosted the 19 moms from Julia’s class for a Mom’s Night Out. Tomorrow two different families, […]

Planning for the oncoming wreck…

This is the time of year that cooks everywhere look to the dairy aisle for help and inspiration because there is nothing like fat to make something taste fabulous. As the French figured out long ago, if you add enough butter and cream to almost anything, it tastes better. I am by nature a lighter […]