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The Night I became a Food Terrorist

Tonight I tried a new tactic: I played with a fish recipe, knowing that Tad and I, and likely Julia, would love it. But, knowing my audience, I also cooked a steak for Harrison. Then, I did what any “Tiger Mom” with a picky eater would do; I held that steak hostage. You see, to […]

The Return of the Edgy Veggie

The other day our amazing babysitter Miquele went to our green grocer with instructions to stock up the fridge with fabulous fruits and veggies. When she returned and all the loot was unpacked, I noticed that butternut squash was part of the bounty. “Huh…” I thought to myself, “that’s interesting.” And, then I did not […]

Go Green!

As those of you who read me regularly know, Harrison played 6th grade football this fall. Two things happened as a result: 1) He learned to love the game. 2) We all got into the act. And, the Jets, one of our local teams, (people, this is New York, why have just one of ANYTHING!!!) […]

Of lemons, lemonade and such…

This afternoon I walked my dogs. No big deal, I walk them at least twice a day-some times even three times, three miles a walk, every day, no exceptions- not even blizzards. But, today was different. Today was exciting. Today for the first time in weeks, the temperature was solidly in the mid-40’s and I […]

Keeping everybody happy…

Hi there from the North Pole- oops, I mean, New York. We got more snow today. And, then just to mix it up a bit, the snow turned to sleet, and finally settled into a cold, dreary rain. It was miserable, but at least the temperature rose mid-day to a balmy 40 degrees. But before […]

Staring down a childhood demon…

It is January and in the Northeast, where we live, the cold has settled in and the snow is here to stay for a while. Weather like this always makes me think of cozy, hearty food and few things are as cozy and hearty as a good beef stew. I love the thought of beef […]

Leftovers from heaven…

On Tuesday, with an overnight blizzard almost a certainty, I decided that I would cook a dinner that would provide leftovers for our snowy Wednesday. Roast chicken felt like the right warm and cozy meal for such a stormy night. Plus, at lunchtime the next day, there is nothing like chicken leftovers in your fridge! […]

Snow Day!

In case you hadn’t heard, the East Coast got pounded with snow last night. The snow in New York began about 7 pm with 8”-12” forecast by morning for the area. At dinner last night, the kids were squirrelly and desperate for “the call” to come- the one that would free them from school today. […]

The Bears Have The Right Idea…

As I woke up this Monday morning in the dark-a gloomy start to a cold January day for sure- it hit me: bears have it right. They eat a lot in the fall, take a big nap and wake up in the spring. This strikes me as an incredibly reasonable way to exist right about […]

Suit on up and come play Bridge!

Today was a momentous day. Today I could feel the earth shifting. Today, over lunch (no less!), I started Bridge lessons. Anyone who does not understand the gravity of those words probably never had a mother in a Bridge group. I can recall my mom’s 1970 era bridge group luncheons with crystal clarity. If I […]