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Today I did not cook- I sparkled. I sparkled with my girl. And we both loved it. We loved it so much, we just had to share our recipe with you! You see, Julia and I create a magical transformation every October. We take ordinary pumpkins and make them extraordinary. These pumpkins are so beautiful that they are fit for a Princess, which is how the whole thing started. When Julia was a baby I made up a story for her about a Princess who would not have just any ordinary pumpkin. No, she would have a pumpkin bejeweled- one so sparkly that it would not need a candle. It was out of this story that Sparkle Pumpkins were born and they are a now a much-anticipated staple in our house from mid-October to Thanksgiving.

The genius of these pumpkins is that in addition to being beautiful, they are a cinch to make, cost very little and are long lasting as a centerpiece. I love to display them is in a glass bowl, with some golden pumpkins for variety, in the center of our kitchen table. We light the candles at dinnertime- something the kids love- and let the pumpkins shimmer and shine. The sparkles catch and play with candlelight beautifully and make even the most humble table look ready for royalty. An added bonus is that the act of sparkling them, preserves them. These pumpkins will easily last a month so they will likely take you to Thanksgiving!

So no pots and pans today- unless you use them to mix glitter. Get the newspapers on the floor of the basement or the garage and get gluey! You won’t regret it. After all, we are all worthy of a bejeweled pumpkin or two!

Note: there is no real recipe- just mix the glitter in a large bowl until the colors look pleasing to you. I do recommend all the various colors mentioned here to provide a depth of sparkle.

Sparkle and Golden Pumpkins
12 baby pumpkin gourds
1 can gold metallic spray paint
craft glue that dries clear, like Elmer’s
1 large container of gold glitter (about 3 cups)
red glitter (about ¾ cup)
black glitter (about ¼- ½ cup)
bronze glitter (about 1 cup)
silver glitter (about ¾ cup)

Spray paint pumpkins gold-making sure to get their undersides as well- and let dry for an hour or so. Meanwhile, in a large bowl mix the glitter together. When the pumpkins are dry, take six of them and slather them, working one at a time, with the glue- making sure to get in all the crevices. Roll the glue covered pumpkin in the glitter- spooning glitter over all areas until the pumpkin is completely covered. Set aside on cardboard to dry for 5-6 hours.


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  1. Margaret
    Posted October 18, 2010 at 5:46 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I love the “SPARKLE”…because of you I do it every year!

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