Edgy Veggies, Summer Style

Have you ever had your husband say to you: “I can’t wait until you meet my old friend Snogs and his wife Mrs. Snogs! Snogs is fantastic and I am sure that Mrs. Snogs is as well.” Usually, they are. But every now and again, they aren’t. And those are the ones you dread: the air seems to leave the room, dinner seems to last forever and there is such a patent sense of disappointment that you have let your spouse down…that the four of you don’t work. It is just the worst. However, on the flip side- when the double date goes well, that is just nirvana!

Many years ago, my husband told me about a good friend of his and his wife- who neither of us had ever met. Dinner was arranged at our house. The couple arrived for drinks; and, in an instant I was in love. Allison (Mrs. Snogs) was, and still is, truly fabulous! She has become a dear friend- even more special because we just don’t see each other that much. When we do- it is always warm, comfortable and above all stimulating. Sadly, they are moving to Boston in a few days. New York’s loss is truly Boston’s gain.

But, back to food, Allison loves her food as much as any good girlfriend of mine should! And, she is a big fan of the blog-gotta love that! Anyway, the other day she and I were talking about Kindergarten, Boston, moving, life, and somehow, in the middle of all that, beets came up. I love beets- and they are also at the Farmer’s Market right now and I am a sucker for fresh Farmer’s Market produce. So when she told me that her husband had a fabulous beet recipe, I begged her to get it for me. She emailed it to me…it was super easy- almost embarrassingly so.

So armed with a plan to test another Edgy Veggie- this time Summer Style, I bought a bunch of beets at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. We had another family to dinner so I made the beets for dinner. They were a true Edgy Veggie hit. Seconds were requested- and none were left over. Thanks Allison for the fabulous tip!

Mr. and Mrs. Snog’s Beet Recipe
1 bunch of medium to small beets- about 6
3 T butter
Juice of 2 to 3 limes
Sea salt/pepper

1. Rinse the beets in cold water. Using a sharp knife, peel the beets. Using a food processor fitted with the shredding disc, shred the beets.
2. Set a sauté pan above a medium hot flame, melt the butter and add the grated beets. Sauté until soft- about 30-35 minutes. Season with lime juice and salt and pepper. Serve immediately.


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