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Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there! I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. After a rocky start, mine was lovely…

Friday night Harrison had 3 boys for a sleepover. And, Friday night I had a mission: I was determined to get these four boys to sleep at a reasonable time so that I could go to bed at a reasonable time. Do you know that saying “we plan, God laughs? ” Well, you could substitute “eleven-year-old boys” for “God” in that saying and pretty much sum up my experience Friday night.

At dinner, I warned the enemy, I mean the boys, that they would need to be in bed, lights out at 11:15 pm. At 10:45 I started my refrain of “Okay guys- start to unwind what you are doing…bed in 30…bed in 20…bed in 10.” At 11:15 I got them into beds without computers or itouch machines. But after that I was done. Eleven-year-old boys can outlast even the most determined Mom. I toddled off to bed and heard them laughing and talking as I drifted off to sleep. Mission sort of accomplished.

Saturday morning began like a shot out of a cannon. One of the boys was being picked up at 8:15. 7:30 found me discovering that we were out of bread and milk after I had committed to making French Toast for breakfast. It goes without saying that at 7:35 I was in the car and racing to the super market then home and whipping up French Toast for 5 children at warp speed. At 8:15 on the nose, one boy was reclaimed by his mom. One down, two to go.

8:45 am found the kitchen clean, the kids fed and me finally with two minutes to read my beloved New York papers. Tad races through the kitchen on his way to tennis. He moves from one side of the room to the other-several times- and as I look up, I see that his sneakers have clay left over from last weekend in the grooves. Only now, the clay has dried and comes easily out- and all over- my kitchen floor. Awful tennis court clay is ALL over my floor. This morning is just not trending well.

I get the clay cleaned up and am once again reading when Julia begins bellowing for me from the third floor “Mama! Mama! Come! Come now! There’s an emergency! The toilet! It’s running and icky.” Ut-oh. I instinctively look around to see if by some miracle there is another mother she could possibly be calling to. Nope, I am all there is. It’s all me. Lucky me.

So, by 10:30 am, as it poured outside (yes, we had rain to boot), I was desperate to change the tenor of the day. I wanted something happy, breezy, frivolously fun. Cupcakes- cupcakes are frivolously fun! I could bake cupcakes, but after the early morning craziness, I have no patience for real baking. Luckily, I had an ace in the hole-Sprinkles Cupcake Mix.

If you have not tried Sprinkles mixes, I must tell you that this mix is so good that I will never make cupcakes any other way again. The folks at Sprinkles take care of the dry ingredients leaving you to add milk, butter and eggs. The result is a rich and delicious cupcake that really does not need to be frosted. But, if you want the whole enchilada and who really doesn’t, after all-they give you a great and easy recipe for delicious buttercream frosting.

Anyway, I made my cupcakes. They were fast and fool-proof. The kids adored them. The sun came out. The day turned around and all was well.

Note: The Sprinkles mixes are sold at Williams-Sonoma and come in five flavors: Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, Banana, Lemon and Vanilla. Each box makes 12 cupcakes. They are delicious and guaranteed to please even the toughest cupcake critic!


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