Post Meeting Mortem

I spent the better part of this evening in a hot, airless room listening to the School Board pretend not to have made decisions about budget cuts.  Silly me- I should have just watched the meeting on cable, and eaten a good dinner in the process!  But, I believe in making the suits have to look you in the eye as they make a cut.  I just wish that I had had the time and presence of mind to properly eat before I went.

So, instead of focusing on numbers, I thought of food-for the entire meeting.  And, by the time the School Board adjourned, I was famished.  But, it was 10:45 pm and way too late to make anything too involved.  It was a perfect night for leftovers-but of course, we had none.  There was one bright spot in my kitchen, a new discovery from Dean & Deluca that I urge you all to try: Black Truffle Sea Salt.  Yep, that’s right, two of my favorite things together at once in one package; and golly is it good!

So I can hear you saying, “Okay, you have salt…but how does that equal dinner?”  Good question.  And, the answer is that almost ANYTHING with this salt becomes a phenomenal dining experience.  This is transformational salt.  I am generally not a fan of eggs.  That said, tonight I had delicious scrambled eggs with Black Truffle Sea Salt.  It took five minutes to make, was so fabulous, and with a glass of wine in my hand, I felt like I could have been in Paris.  Now, that is the perfect ending to an evening dedicated to democracy- no?

One note:  This salt seems and is expensive- that said, you use just a pinch or two here and there- so a jar goes a long way.  Bang for the buck- this is a great flavor enhancer/creator.

Black Truffle Sea Salt from Dean & Deluca- $28 for 5.5 oz.  Available at their stores or on-line.


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    I love when I find those terrific herbs and spices. I have to say Homegoods sometimes has those hidden treasures (if you look really hard) and half the price….

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