Half Baked

I have the Monday Blues- and boy, are they strong.  I have had a great weekend-and now it is over.  I am back to alarm clocks ringing way too early and the fine art of coaxing children to do things they do not wish to do.  Only today, that fine art seems to have morphed into shrewish yells and threats.  Everything seems a beat off.  I want to get back into bed and wake up and have it be a different day.  But, that’s not possible.  What will make it better? The afternoon drags on.  Caffeine has no effect.  A nap would be so welcome.  And now, I have to cook.  Nope, not today.  The kids are having take-out and for me, the food version of a nap-a baked potato!  The perfect antidote to this day!

 I love a good baked potato.  I guess I am true to my Irish roots in that regard.  But, any old potato just thrown in the oven willy-nilly will not cut it.  Remember, I said, good.  For me, the definition of good begins with the crust.  I love crispy, thick, fabulously crunchy, potato skins-the thicker the better.  Yet, the interior needs to be moist as well.  The perfect potato is an Idaho spud.  Their skin lends itself the crispy exterior I crave.  And, you can’t wrap it in foil.  That ruins everything.  No, the real trick to a fabulously crispy outside/moist on the inside baked potato is a toaster oven.  I kid you not.  There is something about the small size and close proximity to the heat source that causes toaster ovens to create the best baked potatoes.  I value my toaster oven like no other appliance for its’ ability to create this potato on days like today. 

 So, tonight for dinner it will be a baked potato and a big green salad.  I load the salad with all my favorite things: red onion, bacon, parmesan, craisins, avocado, yellow pepper, pear, and toss it with a lemon vinegrette, salt and pepper.    I eat the potato’s moist interior first- feeling it’s comfort like a balm.  Then, I scoop the salad into the skins and eat them together.  Heaven! 

 Baked Potatoes

Preheat toaster oven to 450.  Wash and rinse Idaho potatoes.  Prick potatoes with a folk.  Bake for 1 ¼- 1 ½ hours- until exterior is crispy.  Serve immediately with butter and sea salt and a salad!


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